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Campervanning with Luke and Martha

Date Added: 06/12/2021

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Campervanning with Luke and Martha

Martha and I take to the open road in Bookitlist's VW camper!

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You are where you go

Visiting 70 countries on every continent...

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The crazy side of Asia with Ty Hutchinson

A few things you probably shouldn't do whilst in Asia...

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Family Travel with @Itzafamilything

Want a family, but don't want to stop travelling? Do both!

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Eight action-packed stories that will show you the world

Books that drag you through the streets of cities all across the world.

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New Zealand with @SheDot.Travels

The great outdoors, the English language, and the easy-going nature of the locals makes NZ the perfect place to get lost.

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Colombia with Stephen Marriott

Learn to dance BEFORE you go...

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Banksy, Bridges and Boats...

A day out in Bristol with Luke

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51 States in 51 Weeks with Lukcy Charms

A year-long journey to every state in the USA

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Travelling Locally

Local travel leads to interesting adventures

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Sustainable Travel with

Support flourishing communities, and have unique adventures.

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Hong Kong

I loved visiting Hong Kong so much, I set a novel there!

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Mongolia and the Trans-Siberian with Chris Oldfield

Chris talks about one of the world's ultimate railway journeys

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A Day in Brighton

Join me for a live walking tour of Brighton's quirky streets

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Farm Volunteering with Leah Michelsen

Leah has travelled the US, Canada and Europe volunteering on organic farms.

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Walking the Camino with Renate Walters

How to prepare, what to expect and the mindset you need to attempt the Camino Frances.

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Public Transport Adventures

Luke talks about bringing an "Adventure Mindset" to every day travels

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Thailand Beyond the Beach w/ Ane du Preez

An ex-pat's perspective on undiscovered Thailand

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Why a visit Kathmandu inspired me to write my debut novel

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Three Long Walks

Three UK based walking adventures

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Albania w/ Denzil de Cristo

Explore one of Europe's more unchartered countries...

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Solo Travel

You might be travelling alone, but you won't be alone...

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New York w/ Maddy Street

Live like a local, real tourist attractions, & NY on a budget

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Two Hours from Nottingham

Three great destinations within two hours fight time of my home in Nottingham

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South East Asia w/ Simon Mooney

Ditching the beaten track in the original backpacker haven

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Caribbean Beyond the Resort

Enjoy the Caribbean without the price tag of a resort

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Mexico w/ Jason from The Nomad Experiment

Aged 39 Jason set off for Mexico. His life hasn't been the same since...

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Travelling Off Season

Want a unique travel experience, to pay less, and travel more sustainably?

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Three Inspiring Adventures

Three adventures that inspired my love of travel...

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Hi, I’m Luke

I remember the exact moment I got bitten by the travel bug. I remember like it was yesterday. It was the first time I visited India.

The sun was rising as we flew over the slums to land at Mumbai airport. The taxi journey that followed was incredible. People washing, children playing, chickens, cows, goats, all beside an eight-lane motorway. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.

It’s those travel experiences that inspire this podcast. Travel makes you see things differently. It’s also inspired my writing. I’ve written several thriller novels which are set all over the world. My main characters, Leo and Allissa, hunt for missing people in the places I’ve loved visiting. In my books, the destinations are characters all on their own. If you like books by James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Ernest Dempsey or Nick Thacker, then maybe you’ll like my writing too.

Whether it’s a trip to the other side of the world, or a town just down the road, it’s my hope that this podcast inspires you to travel. The world is wonderful, exciting and beautiful. Let’s explore! Click here to check out my books

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